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The Samling Luxury Country Hotel in the Lake District

Weather Promise

We can put your mind at ease…

If national weather circumstances prevent travel to The Samling we will happily rearrange your visit for a future date – subject to availability –  rather than you risk losing your deposit. Make a reservation with confidence that any Winter surprises will just be a blip in your plans, not a beast that destroys them.

We hasten to add that’s a big ‘if’. The weather forecasters love a bit of drama – making normal seasonal weather sound unprecedented. Freezing temperatures in Winter are normal but not permanent, our roads are gritted, (we don’t know the names of Cumbrian gritter lorries, we must check), and snow is usually over 300m.

Also remember that the UK is now referred to in its entirety, and not split into countries, so the ‘far north of the UK’ is now in reference to the top of Scotland not us. That one does still catch us out sometimes.

If you’re in any doubt please just give us a call on 015394 31922 to check.

By the way we checked – our personal favourite Gritter lorry names are ‘Spready Mercury’ and ‘Usain Salt’!

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