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The Samling Luxury Country Hotel in the Lake District

The Headlining Cocktail

The Reverie is a very special bar – under the guidance of Cocktail Chef Sam who deems it his liquid kitchen. A qualified chef, he brings his skills to the individual concocting of alcoholic, (or otherwise), recipes.

Our signature cocktail is The 22.5
…a heady mix of Christian Faure Grand Armagnac 1935, Chateau d’Yquem 2004, The Samling’s own wildflower honey, Darjeeling and Chamomile, and Sir Winston Churchill Pol Roger Champagne. Garnished with 22.5 carat gold flakes and served in a Cumbria Crystal Champagne Flute, (yours to keep).

Headlining… how Sam invented the ‘Pisco Inferno’, in his own words.

Certainly not a classic, nor an adaptation of a cocktail I’ve ever seen before. I was working in a Funk and Soul, Groovy style bar. I remember watching this lunatic dancing around, the DJ was playing a well known disco funk classic ‘Disco Inferno’, but I didn’t know the song too well, in fact I thought it was called ‘Burn Baby Burn’, those were the only lyrics I knew. Anyway, the dancing dude turned to me and shouted ‘Disco Inferno!’ but I heard ‘Pisco Inferno’ and right then I started imagining a tangy, fiery, hot Pisco based cocktail with cherries and chillies bursting in my mouth. From that point it was trial and error, to do my imagination of this creation any justice.

I’ve avoided adding any unnecessary sugar to the cocktail in the form of syrups, so I’ve used a rich sweet Vermouth ‘Dolin Rouge’, which I’ve infused with dried Poblano Chilli aka Ancho Chilli. The cocktail is served over an ice skull with burning rosemary to add theatre and a fiery burning aroma.

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