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The Samling Luxury Country Hotel in the Lake District

Cocktail Classes

It’s not about primary hued syrupy sweet liquids and juggling cocktail shakers.

If you seek something more sophisticated, maybe even edging into decadent, book a personal session with our Cocktail Chef to help you discover a new way of thinking about what constitutes         a cocktail.

From £65.00pp whether your heroes are old school Churchillian or Hemingwayesque classics, (historically strong and simple); or preferences lean towards distilled flower essences and artisan produced liquors using raindrops gathered in the light of a full moon, we’ll do our best to help you concoct the perfect Cocktail for your tastes.

We have an intelligently, and exceptionally well stocked bar – The Reverie – thoughtfully edited to provide the best the world has to offer, as well as some of the rarest and most elusive vintages and productions. This will be your playground.

Available to residents only, and subject to availability, please call Reception on 015394 31922 to make enquiries and to book.


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